Ezio Bosso

A close personal friendship connected a charismatic Italian composer Ezio Bosso and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. Bosso’s music was presented by Ailey II (American Dance Theater) in Vilnius Festival 2012. In February 2016, he shared the Lithuanian National Philharmonic stage with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and was enthusiastically received by the Lithuanian audience. He returned to Vilnius Festival 2017 where his music met Baroque – evening’s programme included Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto and Ezio Bosso’s “Esoconcerto” performed by Sergej Krylov and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra under the baton of the composer himself.

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Ezio Bosso

Sergej Krylov, Ezio Bosso, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra: Rehearsal of “Esoconcerto”

Ezio Bosso “EsoConcerto” for violin and orchestra
Sergej Krylov (violin), Ezio Bosso (conductor), Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra